What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a global technology phenomenon that describes automation and data exchange and processes that include Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), cloud computing and cognitive computing.

How it Begun

In the beginning of the first industrial revolution(mechanization through water and steam power) to the second industrial revolution of mass production and assembly lines using electricity, the fourth industrial revolution will optimize the computerization of the third industrial revolution by enhancing it with connectivity, data analytics and machine learning.

Singapore’s Smart Industry Readiness Index

The Smart Industry Readiness Index is created by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) as a guiding framework for industries in their transformation journey to Industrial 4.0. Our company is working relentlessly with our partners to provide solutions to meet the SIRI Standard.

About LKH Precicon

LKH Precicon Pte Ltd is recognised with more than 35 years of industrial automation experience in providing pre-sales and post-sales support to the sectors of manufacturing, building and construction, infrastructures, transportation and educational institutions. We strive to work in line with the Smart Nation, Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and Industry 4.0 requirements together with any other Digital Transformation needs.

LKH Precicon Pte Ltd, with the support of its global brand partners, is the leading supplier for Preventive & Predictive, Control & Connectivity, and Measurement & Monitoring products in the industry.

Our Featured Solutions

3 Simple steps to your Journey to Industry 4.0


Consult with us. Let us identify and analyse your pain points and challenges, recommend improvements and solutions


Supply you with our specialized products and customized solutions that is interoperable with your existing equipments and facility


Support you with testing and commission with our partners, training to upgrade your skillsets in this digital era

Success Stories

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